Friday, April 15, 2016

Deeper DP0H10S10-P Wireless Sonar Smart Fish Finder Review

Deeper DP0H10S10-P Wireless Sonar Smart Fish Finder available in markets at $200, is in my opinion a breakthrough in fishing technique. Any fisher with a net and the sonar smart fish finder will make a huge fortune on the way back to home. And can be brought up to 2 feet under water. The device also have a helicopter mode by which it can automatically navigate towards the user, in case you are far away from the device.

This sonar works, combined with a smartphone. The application named DEEPER can be downloaded and installed in android phones from store and connect the sonar to it. Here the phone is connected via BLUETOOTH of the device and the display of the phone will act as the screen of the device. Where you can see the sonar image of the fish. In my opinion this sonar is great in functioning and show a high quality output image on the screen. The fisher can have a brief idea on the popularity of the fishes in certain areas by using this device. The battery life is one of the other quality of the device. The inbuilt battery of the device will have a backup of 5-6 hour. The battery can be recharged with the provided usb cable via charger of the mobile or other compatible devices. The device is smaller enough to carry on a single hand which make it the most convenient. Anyone can carry this device without any extra pack or bag. The circular shape of the smart sonar also make it easy to handle.

Now speaking of the adverse side, The bluetooth connection itself is not a good option for the device. While all the modern connections are being done over WIFI, the same would have been a better option for the sonar fish finder. The bluetooth system can be also held responsible for the lesser distance of the device under water. And there will be huge loss of data during transmission. Where the use of WIFI might have solved this problem and sonar finder could be functional much deeper.

The very next problem on the device is the positioning of the battery. The battery is installed fixed inside the smart sonar meter. Now if any damage is happened to the battery it wont be much easy to remove that one and install a new one. Since it is fixed inside. In these cases we will have to run to the service shop to service it and cannot be done manually.

Any how the SONAR METER will make a fortune on fishing. The device has already gain popular interest.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Lowrance Elite 5 HDI Fish Finder Review

The HDI affixed to a wide variety of Lowrances products stands for Hybrid Dual Imaging and it's pretty much what it sounds like. This technology will allow you to combine the DownScan and standard sonar readings this device will take into one easily readable image. In addition to the HDI features, the Elite series continues to impress and this one comes equipped with everything youll need for your next fishing trip.

Screen: 5 16-bit Color Screen
Transducer Type: Transom Mount
Frequencies: 83/200 or 455/800 kHz
Power: 250W RMS
Effective Depth: 1,000

Great Technology in a Small Package

In addition to the usual suspects in the line-up of features like temperature and speed, the Lowrance Elite 5 HDI boasts GPS and waypoint capabilities.  Most anglers will find these almost indispensable, especially if youre using it for near-shore ocean fishing.

It boasts a pretty good amount of power, allowing readings down to a thousand feet. While this probably isnt an appropriate finder if youre going out into the open ocean, it just might be indispensable for applications in lakes or close to shore where the waters tend to remain at shallower depths.

Like most of Lowrances GPS-enabled finders, the Elite 5 HDI comes equipped with a high-powered GPS and Navionics software with the North American maps already on them. The angler who is frequently changing boats will be glad to know that this unit supports a micro-SD card to save valuable location data. It also features routing, so youll be able to keep track of the best and safest ways to and from your waypoints.

Youll also be glad to know that this unit features an intuitive interface which will allow you to easily find the information you need. Less time spent scratching your head and wondering means more time fishing.

Apart from the respectable technology included the Elite 5 HDI is a respectable sonar unit. Using the HDI feature youll be able to receive a vast array of information condensed on your screen. This will allow you to make the most of where youre at, and keep bringing in fish.

The 83/200 kHz part of the transducer will function as a standard sonar unit while the higher frequency 455/800 kHz part of the frequency is used for your DownScan capabilities. With the overlay function, youll be able to see fish arcs even in heavy cover that would normally not be able to be seen with either type of reading on their own. More than a gimmick, the HDI capabilities of this unit make for an impressive new level of functionality.


The clever fisherman will see that this unit comes in at a great price with a lot of features which are normally reserved for much higher end products. The HDI function is probably the most impressive feature here, but the entire unit is compact and perfect for almost any recreational fisherman. If the screen size and 1000 depth readings are capable of what you want, then youd be crazy to pass up the excellent Lowrance Elite 5 HDI. Youll be glad for the investment as soon as you hit the water.

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Monday, April 4, 2016

Penn Battle II Spinning Reel Review

A product review on fishing niche Penn Battle II Spinning Reel ReviewIf you are a big fan of inshore fishing then you probably heard about Penn fishing reel. Over the years Penn has developed a number of fishing reels but the Penn battle II spinning reel is most popular with anglers. Purpose of Penn battle II spinning reel review is to provide actual review or examination to the buyer and not an advertisement.
These Penn battle II spinning reels are easy available at affordable prices. The reels are well made with soft touch knobs that make the handling comfortable and easy. In market these reels are available in 8 sizes ranging from 1000 to 8000. Every model has medium high gear ratio, model with size 1000 is the lightest among all with good pick for freshwater use.

The full body of this reel is made up of metal with 5 sealed stainless steel ball bearings, super-line spool, HT-100 carbon fiber, side plate and rotor. As compare to ordinary reels, peen battle II provides you maximum drags, more range and smoother start up. It is suitable to handle everything from Snook, trout, redfish to cobia, tuna and tarpon.

Techniques and Strategies

Improved Corrosion Resistance: Paint job has been improved by Penn which will help in preventing any damage to the frame against all the chemicals and sprays used in the previous versions. Penn has fixed the most reported problem in its previous versions.

5 Sealed Ball BearingsNumber of ball bearings is same as in 1. However, this time Penn has used sealed stainless steel ball bearing instead of the shielded ones. In result the durability has been increased as it prevents water intrusion in salt water.

Increased Drag PressureWhen compared to previous versions increased drag pressure has been achieved by using same system. This is achieved by keying drag washers with HT-100 trademark, into the spool. This will allow usage of both sides of washers.This resulted in twenty percent increase in maximum drag. Most of the times max drag is not used, but it is good that you should know that it is available.

Line Capacity RingsMost of the manufactures are now adding this innovation to their equipments. This feature helps angler to know how much line on reel is left. It is important when fishing at dead stop or when hooking big fish.

As per the above Penn Battle II Spinning Reel Review it seems that there is nice upgrade from 1st version. Hopefully the durability is improved with bearing upgrades. Overall smoothness of the reel can be felt right away due to increased drag pressure.I hope this Penn Battle II Spinning Reel Review have helped you in deciding your next spinning reels.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Pflueger President Spinning Reel Review

The Pflueger President spinning reel is one of those classic pieces of fishing equipment that has been used for years, and will continue to be used for years to come. It is very versatile and durable, it will last you for several years of hard fishing.
On top of that, it is a very affordable option for the quality it provides. Equipment like this from another company could cost hundreds of dollars, but the President series is available without breaking the bank. The fact that a reel of this quality can be purchased for less than $100 also makes it a perfect option for anyone who has more than one rod that needs a reel, or anyone who is getting a rod and reel for their kids.
Let's take a closer look at some of the features of the Pflueger President.
Depending on the model you get, the President series will range from 6-8 ounces, and carry a line capacity of 100-120 yards. The smaller versions are absolutely perfect for younger kids just getting started.
Bearings are important because they will determine how well a fishing reel actually reels. The more bearings it has, the smoother the retrieve will be,
The President series ranges from 8 bearings to 10 bearings depending on the model you select. Just because certain models have less bearings, it doesn't seem to disrupt the retrieval action whatsoever. It simply makes the reel lighter and easier to handle, again, making it a perfect option for kids.
Adjusting The Drag
Like most spinning reels, the Pflueger President has it's drag knob just above the spool. The difference is in the drag system itself. It is very well constructed, making it very smooth. No matter how heavy, or how light you set your drag, you will not come across a hitch when you are fishing.
Two Different Models
The President is now offered in two different models, or "incarnations" if you will. There is the classic President, and now, the XT.
In the lighter models, the XT will be lighter than the Classic, though that weight advantage disappears at the larger sizes. The XT is largely an upgrade in bearings and parts that will help the reel last longer and fish harder.

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Types of Fishing Reels

One of the most important parts of fishing net is the reel. The reels are grouped into two: flying reels and spinning reels. Under these categories, there are various types of fishing reels which include:
Centre-pin Reel
Also known as float reel, it freely moves on its axle for easy casting over long distances. The rotating reel provides the momentum, which allows the lines to be drawn off. The reel is also attached to a rod that allows casting and retrieving of the net. The rod is made perpendicular to the reel to allow the line to run off the spool during casting.
Its also called the revolving-spool reel. It has a geared bearing-supported spool. For every revolution, the crank handles produce multiple spool revolutions. The position of the bait casting reel is slightly above the rod.
Conventional Reel
Also called the trolling reel, this type of fishing reel has many similarities to the bait-casting reel. Its further categorized into lever drag and star drag reels. Though star drag reels resemble bait-casters, the lever has to be adjusted to align with the free spool. On the other hand, the lever drag is able to place itself on the free spool using the drag. Conventional reels are preferably used in offshore fishing because they are designed for big fish. However, they experience a lot of back-clash whenever they are cast yards away.
Also called fixed-spool reels, they were made to accommodate the use of artificial flies for salmon and trout. Mounted below the rod, it conforms to gravity. This implies that it does not require any application of energy to keep the reel in position. The invention of the spinning reel addressed the problem of back-clash as the reel had no rotating spool, which could foul or overrun the line.
Spin-cast Reel
The purpose of making the spin-cast reel, another type of fishing reel, was to address the problem of back-clash, which was common in the original bait-cast designs. It can be used with light lures and baits because the lines are thrown from a fixed spool. It does away with the line roller of the spinning and the large wire bail. Instead, it has a metal cups and twin pickup pins, winding the line of the spool. The reel is fitted with an external cone to protect the fixed spool. The friction between the spool cup and the cone guides against the uncoiling lines, limiting the casting distance. Spin-cast reel uses narrow spools and if it has to be large then the reel must be tall.
Under-spin Reel
Also known as the trigger-spin reels, this type of fishing reel is mounted below the spinning rod. They are easier and comfortable to cast and can be held for longer periods because the weight of the reel is suspended below the rod. Its also very versatile and flexible due to its ability to use all spinning rods. The line is usually suspended in place by rotating a trigger or a lever. The trigger is usually released in the forward cast causing the line to fly off the spool. The position of the lure during the cast can be determined by activating the lever.


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