Friday, April 15, 2016

Deeper DP0H10S10-P Wireless Sonar Smart Fish Finder Review

Deeper DP0H10S10-P Wireless Sonar Smart Fish Finder available in markets at $200, is in my opinion a breakthrough in fishing technique. Any fisher with a net and the sonar smart fish finder will make a huge fortune on the way back to home. And can be brought up to 2 feet under water. The device also have a helicopter mode by which it can automatically navigate towards the user, in case you are far away from the device.

This sonar works, combined with a smartphone. The application named DEEPER can be downloaded and installed in android phones from store and connect the sonar to it. Here the phone is connected via BLUETOOTH of the device and the display of the phone will act as the screen of the device. Where you can see the sonar image of the fish. In my opinion this sonar is great in functioning and show a high quality output image on the screen. The fisher can have a brief idea on the popularity of the fishes in certain areas by using this device. The battery life is one of the other quality of the device. The inbuilt battery of the device will have a backup of 5-6 hour. The battery can be recharged with the provided usb cable via charger of the mobile or other compatible devices. The device is smaller enough to carry on a single hand which make it the most convenient. Anyone can carry this device without any extra pack or bag. The circular shape of the smart sonar also make it easy to handle.

Now speaking of the adverse side, The bluetooth connection itself is not a good option for the device. While all the modern connections are being done over WIFI, the same would have been a better option for the sonar fish finder. The bluetooth system can be also held responsible for the lesser distance of the device under water. And there will be huge loss of data during transmission. Where the use of WIFI might have solved this problem and sonar finder could be functional much deeper.

The very next problem on the device is the positioning of the battery. The battery is installed fixed inside the smart sonar meter. Now if any damage is happened to the battery it wont be much easy to remove that one and install a new one. Since it is fixed inside. In these cases we will have to run to the service shop to service it and cannot be done manually.

Any how the SONAR METER will make a fortune on fishing. The device has already gain popular interest.

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